The cockroaches are the most primitive flying insects, alomost unchangeable for more than 320 million years. Some researches has shown, that they can survive the consequences of the nuolear explosion.

A fly lays 600 to 1000 eggs during her life. A lifetime of the housefly is from two till four weeks.

From the big number of insects, files are the only one who have only a pair of wings .

From the iniestinal tract of a fly it has been isolated over 50 sorts of pathogenic bacteries and some viruses dangeorous for humans.

Theoretic, one couple of mice can give yearyl population of 20 000 units.

Mice can wriggle without problem through the slits, diarneter less than 6mm owing the mobility of their thorax and pannikin bones.

Milling is a psychological need of all rodents so as well as rats.Their theeths are growing constantly, about 13 am per year what requires their constantly scruffing. Rats can overgnaw everything uthloh isn't harder than their denial enamel.

Rats live only close to people,there is a rule: there are much rats as people can provide them with their mess and procedures.

Insects or bugs are the most numerous live beings on the world, over 750.000 types are described. 


27. 04. 2020.